Spa Water Care Basics

Water Care Basics

If there is any one subject about spas that most people are intimidated by, it would be how to keep the water clean. If you talk about water care at a typical spa store, you are going to be bombarded with terms that will take you back to high school chemistry. You will hear about alkalinity, pH, hardness, sanitizers, oxidizers, flocculants, and on and on. It can be terribly confusing!

You do have to pay some attention to the water care of your hot tub. But you won’t need to get a masters degree in chemical engineering to do it. Keeping your water fresh. clear, and clean can be easy.  Just take a step back, and try to absorb the big picture. We’ll help.

We can break hot tub water care down into 3 basic, fundamental steps that anyone can grasp. We will also give you the differences between the various ways you can sanitize your spa, along with some of the pros and cons of the available methods. This way, you can decide what system you want to use to keep your spa at its best.

Here are the three simple steps of spa water care. Click on each step for the details.

That’s all there is to it – really! It doesn’t matter what brand of spa you have, nor what system of water care is being employed – they are all following this basic protocol. That’s not too complicated, is it? We obviously need to look at each step in a little more detail. There are several ways to do each step. But it is still relatively simple.



After looking at your different choices – particularly “Step Two”, where you pick which method you want to employ to kill any of the impurities that would attempt to make your spa their home – which should you choose for your spa? You have to pick from chlorine, bromine, biguanide, minerals with ozone, or salt-water based systems. How can you settle on just one?

Here’s what we recommend. After nearly 25 years of selling spas, with many of them going to repeat customers, we have found that people get far more pleasure from their spa if they spend their time enjoying it instead of maintaining it. “Easy” is what everyone is looking for as one of their top priorities. And there are only two methods that fall in the category of “easier” to really minimize the maintenance required on your part.



Ace-Diamond If your spa is compatible with a high-performance salt-water based system – like the HotSpring Spa’s ACE system – go with that method. You will have less regular maintenance with your water than anything else you could use. The ACE system can be used on HotSpring Spas and Limelight Hot Tubs produced after August 2009. It does cost a little to add to a spa, but is well worth the investment.

For additional information on the system, you can read more, watch a video, or get other specifics by clicking here:


HotSpring Spa’s ACE salt water sanitizing system



If your spa cannot use a high-performance salt-water based sanitizer, or you don’t want to invest the money in the high-performance salt water system, choose instead a high-output ozone system. You will still spend far less time keeping the water fresh and clean than any of the other methods available.

Many of the spas we offer come with a high-output ozone system already installed, but if you want to learn more about them on your own, you can find some information on one of the ones we have available here:


HotSprings EverFresh Ozone System


Still have a question(s)?  Or is there something we didn’t cover about water care for your spa in particular?  Click above.  Let us know what we can help you with.  Or you can always reach us the old-fashioned way. Stop by the store sometime or give us a call – we are open every day except major holidays – (530) 273-4822.