Hearth Gallery

Are you looking for design inspiration?  One of the most challenging projects can be the one starting from scratch.  if you are simply replacing an existing wood stove with another, the only decision you might have to make is just “which stove?”

However, when you are adding a stove or fireplace – whether as new construction, an addition, or a remodel – your options for a final look can be limitless.  And this can make it seem more difficult!  What style works for your home?  Do you go with a victorian, craftsman, contemporary, or colonial style?  Do you go with a mantle or not over your fireplace?  Do you make your stove “Pop” with color, or have it blend into the background?

Below are just some of the styles available – take a look.  You can find a look that might be just what you have in mind.  And with our decades of experience, we can help bring your vision to reality.